The Humiliation Retaliation
Showdown - Part 3

Syrian Sanctions

This story is begining to get some attention. Jordan believes that the chemical weapons captured during an anti-terror operation were from Syria (where many believe that Saddam hid his WMD). Our soldiers are fighting Syrians on the border. Our intelligence points to belligerent infiltrations from Syria and Iran.

Bush said to plan sanctions for Syria
Pressure aimed at halting terror aid
By Bryan Bender, Globe Staff | April 20, 2004

WASHINGTON -- President Bush plans to impose sanctions on Syria to pressure it to halt support for terrorist groups, sending a strong message to President Bashar Assad as foreign fighters continue to cross into Iraq from Syrian territory, senior governments officials said yesterday.

The officials also said Jordanian investigators have reported that chemicals discovered in a foiled Al Qaeda plot in Jordan had been smuggled in from Syria.

The White House has told members of Congress that as early as this week the president will implement the Syria Accountability and Lebanese Sovereignty Restoration Act, passed overwhelmingly by both houses of Congress and signed into law in December.

The law gives Bush new leeway to punish Syria economically and diplomatically for failing to act forcefully against terrorism. The sanctions could include prohibiting the sale of American products and US investment in Syria and restricting the travel of Syrian diplomats in the United States. It was not immediately clear yesterday which sanctions Bush would invoke...

I certainly hope he invokes ALL of them. I know that a lot of you think that Colin Powell is a bit soft when it comes to tough talk. You need to read between the lines on this statement.

...Syria, labeled by the State Department as a sponsor of terrorism for its support of anti-Israeli terrorist groups such as Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and the Lebanese Hezbollah, has come under enhanced scrutiny in recent days. US forces have been battling with armed insurgents in western Iraq who are believed to have infiltrated the country through Syria. Five US Marines were killed Saturday in the western Iraqi town of Husaybah.

Secretary of State Colin L. Powell told the Associated Press yesterday that he has asked Syria to beef up security on the border. ''It is in our mutual interest to deal with the problem," Powell said. ''It is not in Syria's interest to be seen as a base from which infiltrators can come across to kill innocent Iraqis or to kill coalition troops."...

Why, pray tell, is not in Syria's interest to be seen as a base from which inflitrators can kill people? Well, getting bombed by the USAF really isn't in Syria's interest, is it?

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