Help the Marines - Part 5
Give A Hoot, Don't Loot!

Showdown - Part 5 (It's Time)

It's time to end the cease fire around Fallujah. It's time to cut bait and move out.

It's time to get the CPA Button-Downs the hell out of the way and let the Marines take the fight to the enemy. This cease fire has served no one except Al Jazeera, Al Qaeda, and the rest of the Arab world wanting to see an Arab victory over the Americans. The CPA is being duped and the cost will be high.

The longer this goes on, the harder the fight will be.

To move into Fallujah in force will result in the loss of Marines. They know this to be true, just as the men who fought at the Chosen Reservoir, the Belleau Wood, and Tarawa knew this to be true. They will go willingly with determination.

But the loss will not be as significant as it will be if we keep waiting. The insurgents will attrit the force there and continue to prep positions - continue to plot ambush after ambush.

There has not been compliance with the cease fire agreement. There has only been mockery of our attempts at a peaceful resolution.

It's time to take the fight to them. It's time for the civilians to let the generals do their job and lead the fight. It's time for the Button-Downs to get out of the way.

It's time.

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