Give A Hoot, Don't Loot!
Help the Marines - Part 6 (Home Stretch)

Pat Tillman

You may have noticed that I remained silent on the blog over the death of Pat Tillman.  I was at a wedding rehearsal when we found out.  At the dinner we toasted and roasted (about medium-well) the groom and enjoyed the night.  I think Specialist Tillman was fighting so that we could do those things without being worried about an attack.

We moved back to our hotel bar where we sang our Division fight songs, we raised our glasses to "Absent Companions", and toasted the Rangers and the sacrifice of Specialist Pat Tillman. 

Most of us know soldiers who have fallen.  All of us wept.

Hugh Hewitt mentions these two blogs - Bill Hobbs and Jackalope Purifuiuant - that have a great idea - perhaps a BRILLIANT idea.

Rename the Arizona Cardinals - "The Arizona Rangers".

They would have one more fan in Chicago.