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They Want Us To Lose

I'm talking about the media, not Iraqis.

Yesterday morning on my way to work, I noticed the Red Eye Newspaper front page. The Red Eye is the brain-child of the Chicago Tribune. It is a small commuter sized newspaper targeted at the young professional crowd. The Red Eye is even politically left of the Tribune which is already politically left.

So, we have Marines in a fight with Shia extremists. The Marines may be outgunned (1,200 to 10,000) but never outfought. They are going to give all they can.

So the Red Eye puts this picture on the cover.

It's a picture of a Marine greiving for his fallen comrade. You know, it seems obscenely calculated that the Tribune chose to show the picture of the grieving Marine. There's nothing wrong with shedding tears over a fallen comrade. I don't know anyone who has experienced that kind of horrible news that didn't weep.

Instead, the Chicago Tribune's Red Eye runs the headline under the picture of the Marine - "Shell Shocked". According to the Merriam-Webster Medical Dictionary, Shell Shock is a mental disorder caused by stress of active warfare.

The inference of the headline "Shell Shocked" is that US Marines are getting their asses kicked.

I'll bet my entire single malt scotch collection that the Marine finished expressing his sorrow, picked himself up and carried on. But there's nothing about that.

There's nothing about an enemy that will shoot from a crowd, hide behind women and children, mutilate the bodies of Americans...There's nothing about the Marines waiting to enter to give the city enough time to cool down. There's nothing about the Marines not firing at random targets, spraying bullets indiscriminately throughout the area.

Media like the Chicago Tribune want us to believe that we are losing the war. They want us to lose the war.

UPDATE 9:00AM CST: Efrain sends the REAL story from the U.K.'s Sun.

Tears of a Marine

From BRIAN FLYNN in New York

A STUNNED Marine wiped a tear from his eye after hearing a pal in his platoon had been shot during fighting in Iraq yesterday.

But the American soldier bravely regained his composure and went to join the combat.

To be honest, I never thought that my precious scotch was at risk. You can always depend on the Marines. Thanks, Efrain, for sending this on...