Are Soldiers In Iraq Heroes?

I'm Going To Enjoy Reading This Guy's Contributions...

Robert Prather has asked David Andersen to join Insults Unpunished. If first posts are an indication, Robert made one helluva good decision.

In Which David Tries His Hand At Blogging

Greetings thoughtful IU readers, aficionados, lurkers, blogflies, trolls, cut-and-pasteoids, fantasy-landers and leftists (but I repeat myself). Robert has graciously invited me to contribute to his blog and in a rare moment of wisdom I have accepted. I'm not sure what led Robert to ask me but I suspect it's to make him rich. As a capitalist, I am naturally in favor of the exploitation of my labor for his benefit...

I guess that makes me a cut-and-pasteoid. Oh well, better than a fantasy-lander (although I am a Cubs fan).

Anyway, I look forward to more of David's wit and wisdom.