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Healing Iraq Update

Greyhawk at the Mudville Gazette and Andrew Olmsted have posts about an update to the case of Zeyad's cousin.

The details from the Washington Post (subscription required) are that the soldiers forced the two Iraqi men into the river, but contend that both of the men got out. Investigators are saying that there are reports that the man who was allegedly drowned is actually alive and hiding in Samarra in order for his family to collect money from the government.

However, the Battalion Commander received a General Letter of Reprimand for interfering in the investigation. No matter which way you look at this story, it will be very tough to get at the truth. The Battalion Commander is directly responsible for the impediment to the investigation.

Back in January, I wrote this.

As I said before, I will apologize if the unlikely event occurs that ANY of this bullsh*t story were true.
Dear Zeyad-

I am very sorry for the tragic loss of your cousin. I was wrong to jump to a conclusion about your story.