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Drink Guinness - It's Good For You!

In continuing the Blackfive tradition of cutting edge journalism celebrating the nectar of the gods, I thought we'd discuss Guinness today.

There is an awesome new study published (by the University of Wisconsin) about the different health factors of various beers - carbs, calories, alcohol content, etc. Of course, my friends, you knew where the "nectar of the gods" wound up on the study - as the best bloody beer in the world (for your health). Of course, it's healthy! If it wasn't so good for your health, the life expectancy of an Irishman would only be about thirty years.

Raise a pint of Guinness to your good health
Hartford Courant

Question: Whose dietary and health interests are better served by the 12-ounce beer?

If the guidelines are less alcohol, fewer calories, fewer carbohydrates - and, to top it off, protection against heart attacks, blindness and maybe even impotence - then it's the Guinness drinker, hands down.

No joke.

Guinness, in fact, is lower in alcohol, calories and carbohydrates than Samuel Adams, Budweiser, Heineken and almost every other major-brand beer not classified as light or low-carb. It has fewer calories and carbohydrates than low-fat milk and orange juice, too.
In the study, Guinness proved twice as effective as Heineken at preventing blood clots. Guinness is loaded with flavonoids, anti-oxidants that give the dark color to many fruits and vegetables.

These anti-oxidants are better than vitamins C and E, the study found, at keeping bad LDL cholesterol from clogging arteries. Blocked arteries also contribute to erectile dysfunction, as does overindulgence in alcohol.

Guinness has a higher concentration than lighter beers of vitamin B, which lowers levels of homocysteine, linked to clogged arteries. And researchers have found that anti-oxidants from the moderate use of stout might reduce the incidence of cataracts by as much as 50%...

So, lads and lasses, drink your Guinness and stay healthy!

(I'm in St. Louis, now, drinking a Guinness - courtesy of my father-in-law, as I compose this post late Friday night. Mmmmm.)