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Cubs or Sox 2004


I had a post back in the fall where I discussed the virtues of being a Cubs fan. Recently, somebody posted a comment there calling me a racist for saying the following:

    "Comiskey Park - home of the White Sox - is in a bad neighborhood and Sox fans tend to be a little rough...more like Detroit Red Wing hockey fans on bad mescaline. There is nowhere to go by Comiskey after the game to have a good time. And to all the Sox fans that are going to send me hatemail for calling it Comiskey Park - shut up. I won't ever call it by it's corporate, digital plantation name."

Well, a friend of mine just sent me this gem describing the difference between Cubs Fans and Sox Fans - Northsiders and Southsiders. ROFLMAO!

Northsiders vs. Southsiders

Note: I dedicate this post to one of the hotest Cubs Fans around - the lovely Jennifer.

Update: Roger, a White Sox fan, sent this story about Ronnie Woo-Woo and his new chompers. For those not in the know, Ronnie Woo-Woo wears a Cubs uniform and runs around Wrigley Field yelling "Cubbies, Cubbies, Woo-Woo!"