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One Last Act

Anti-War "Art"

I received a link to The Art of Resistence from Stephen who thought the "art" in question was way out of line.

Of course, it IS out of line. It is a mosaic picture of Donald Rumsfeld. The problem is that each mosaic tile is one of our fallen soldiers.

So some whack-job put this together. It's disgusting, but the artist does have a right to express himself. Expression can go too far though, even in a Terms of Usage statement like this one:

Terms of Usage: Full permission is granted to use the "rumsfeld mosaic" image in any non-commercial manner provided that the image is unaltered. Have fun!!
Have fun!! ?

Interestingly enough, I think that "Have fun!!" was what Uday would yell when they put somebody's feet into the shredder.

The artist a perverse and twisted jerk...who's webmaster can be emailed here.

Also, the site is hosted by If you would like to contact the site registrant for The Art of Resistance, you can contact their web host via email or phone (NY) at 1.5188825313.

Update: Thanks to all who emailed me to tell me that commenter/troll oGod posted my personal info and claimed that I performed a "character assassination" on the artist in question.

Here's the email that I sent to oGod:

Hey oGod-

Thanks for showing your true colors and your incredible knowledge of whois...

I didn't put the name or address of the artist on my site. I did put his webmaster's info though. There's
a difference, genius.

You chose a different way to handle this.

You are banned. I am sure you can find somewhere else to get someone to pay attention to you.