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Viet Nam and Iraq

A Word About Nightline

Received lots of emails asking what I think about Nightline announcing the names of our fallen heroes (with their pictures).

A few things:

1. If you are not claiming to speak for the dead, then I don't have a problem with showing the names and faces of our heroes. I have big problems with people who use my friends for political statements that are contrary to their beliefs. I have lost three good friends who all supported the War on Terror, the Invasion of Iraq, and President Bush.

2. I have a problem with Nightline because they are only going to read the names of those Killed in Action and will leave out the other 200 or so that died in accidents. That's pretty damn weak if you ask me. I think those killed in action for their country would assert that those other individuals also deserve recognition for making the ultimate sacrifice. Update: I just read that they might expand the broadcast by ten minutes to include the 200 or so that died in accidents.

3. It's a sweeps move. Why now? Because we have forgotten the fallen? Maybe Nightline did, but not me. I put it in line with the B.S. 20/20 adoption piece.

4. I have a choice here. I won't be watching it. I'll be playing HALO or making a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich. Or doing anything but watch. Maybe a rerun of Dr. Who will be on...

The point is that someone could do one hell of a show about the sacrifices our troops make. They could show where these Americans came from, what they believed in, and why they were making a difference in the world.

I understand that they have limited time to air this, so do it over a week or create another show to produce it.

Instead, we get a freaking list? Nice job, Ted. Really. It must have taken you guys about five minutes to put this one together.

Our troops, and especially our fallen Americans, deserve more than this.

They deserve to have their sacrifices count for something important. Not made in vain - not discounted and thrown away as we run from the fight.

That's why Ted Kennedy, Robert Byrd, and others are the problem, not Nightline.