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"In Meida Res" sends this story from the Detroit Free Press:

Michigan Teacher Must Cover Cost Of Substitute While On Military Duty

GRAND RAPIDS -- A Michigan school district told a teacher activated for military duty that he must cover the cost of a substitute during part of his absence and give the district some of his military pay.

At a school board meeting this week, angry teachers, students and district residents criticized the decision by administrators at Kenowa Hills Public Schools.

"Is this how you treat people that defend your country?" Tom Lovett, a teacher's spouse and district resident, asked board members.


You should read the whole article.

Then, if you feel inclined to voicing your opinion about those that "support" our Reservists and Guardsmen in such a manner, you can vent at the following addresses:

1. Email the administration of the Kenowa Hills Public Schools.


2. Contact the Superintendent, Jim Gillette, at (616) 784-2511 or Fax: (616) 784-8323.

Update March 4th, 9AM CST: It seems that this is a case of bad journalism rather than poor support for our Citizen Soldiers. The article indicates that the Reservist was to pay back extra money because he was making MORE as a reservist than a teacher. According to the administration, he WAS making more because he was receiving both military pay and teacher salary. Under the rules of the school district (my wife is a teacher whose school district has the same leave policy), the teacher may take leave with salary but must provide for a substitute teacher in his absence at the rate of $74 per day.

If true, then this school district is truly supporting their Citizen soldiers.

While I understand that he may be required to pay for a sub teacher in his absence, I don't understand why he would have to give the School District any money that he makes from Reserve duty.

Anyone know about this?