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Don Bendel on John Kerry

Jen Martinez has an excellent rebuttal and editorial by Don Bendel. Jen has posted his editorials several times. They are all well worth the time to read...

In Don Bendel's editorial, he talks about HIGHLY decorated veterans that dislike John Kerry. One of them happens to be Colonel (ret.) Ola Mize - a man that I blogged about on my very first day as a blogger. Here is what I wrote:

Please understand that is was a great duty to escort a MOH winner - so I didn't complain - hell, I wanted to meet the heroes and I ended up as escort officer for Ola Mize. He was a Sergeant when he received the MOH and ended his career in the Army as a Colonel. He was a great guy, very easy going and funny. I really liked being around him. I even had the Division Staff Duty Officer - charged with knowing everything that was going on at night and had keys to open every building - open the bowling alley on base for Colonel Mize at midnight so we could bowl and have a beer. After bowling, I dropped the colonel off at his VIP suite. I caught up with the other junior officers who escorted MOH winners that day, and the consensus was that every single one of them were great guys. All of us had been treated with enormous respect. Hell, I bowled and drank beers with an amazing American hero that I would have willingly carried on my back around the base.

After the initial night, Colonel Mize received a higher ranking officer to escort him around by daylight. So, I said my goodbyes, shook the colonel's hand, and went to find out if I was still needed for escort duty. Colonel Mize's last words to me were, "Someday, Matt, you will have the honor of being led around by a lieutenant. When that day comes, don't be a jackass."

I wish that I could introduce each of you to a Lee Mize or Al Lynch. You would NEVER know that they were heroes - even after talking to them for an hour - until someone mentioned that they were awarded the Medal of Honor. Then, some of you Kerry supporters would understand why we vets find Kerry so undesirable. He's not much of a man.

Forget, for a minute, Kerry's voting record or disgraceful actions after the Vietnam War. Forget all of the stories out of Massachusets and D.C. about Kerry's propensity to say, "Do you know who I am?". Forget his penchant for rich women. Forget about his claims of foreign leaders supporting his candidacy. Forget the way he called one of his Secret Service agents a son-of-a-bitch. Forget that he called the Bush team "lying crooks". Uh-oh, I seem to have gotten carried away trying to forget all of the parts of John Kerry that I find disgusting.

Just think about what kind of man he is...because he ain't George Bush and he sure as hell ain't no Ola Mize.