Tuesday Blog Stuff
Serbs Put Milosevic On Payroll

Welcome To Our New NATO Members

    "NATO's core mission remains the same: the defense of its members against any aggression. Today, our alliance faces a new enemy, which has brought death to innocent people from New York to Madrid. Terrorists hate everything this alliance stands for. They despise our freedom, they fear our unity, they seek to divide us. They will fail. We will not be divided. We will never bow to the violence of a few ... we will face the mortal danger of terrorism, and we will overcome it together." - President George W. Bush

A big WELCOME to Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia. More than 75 years ago, my grandfather left Lithuania after watching the Communists murder his family. He fled to Scotland (where he married a Scottish lass), then America. He's very happy about this - probably drinking krupnik right now.

More about the expansion of NATO here and Pravda's take on it is here.