Am I Two-Faced?
The Waffle-King Welcomed By The Machine

Waffle-King Ad Violates FCC Rule?

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The Bush-Cheney re-election campaign plans to file a complaint Wednesday with the Federal Election Commission, charging that a $5.1 million anti-Bush ad campaign in key battleground states violates the new campaign finance reform law, spokesman Terry Holt said.

The complaint alleges that the group running the ads, the Media Fund, is using so-called "soft" money contributions from deep-pocketed donors to pay for the ads, which is illegal under the new law because the ads seek to influence a race for federal office.

The Bush campaign is demanding that the FEC take "rapid action" and impose "severe sanctions" against the group, which was created by former Clinton adviser Harold Ickes and aided by Jim Jordan, the former campaign manager of the presumptive Democratic nominee, Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts.

Of course, there's more.

<...>Both MoveOn and the Media Fund have received contributions from controversial billionaire financier George Soros, a Hungarian immigrant who has said ousting Bush this year is now the "central focus of my life."

Republicans have charged that Soros and other wealthy liberal donors are trying to circumvent the new campaign finance law -- which Kerry and most Democrats in Congress supported -- to help Kerry compete against the president's fund-raising advantage.

Like the Media Fund, the Voter Fund maintains the ads are financed legally.

In case you haven't seen this, you should check this run-down of Kerry's manipulation of funding anti-Bush sentiment at Instapundit.

This is an area where the Blogosphere can make a difference (as opposed to the media's indifference).

BTW, here's just a few of (both sides) the issues that the Waffle-King of Massachusets has served up.
1. John Kerry voted for campaign reforms that, apparently, he is violating.
2. He accuses Bush of intelligence failures when he voted against funding intelligence activities.
3. He wants to be a war hero but called fellow vets war criminals for actions that he, himself, committed. Oh and he threw someone else's medals over the fence too.
Etc. Ad Nauseum