You Won't Believe This
Kim and Connie du Toit at Dachau

The Fighting President

I live in a Democrat Town. I vote for Democrats and Republicans, but mostly Democrats because there just aren't any local Republican politicians. Republicans just can't seem to get enough dead people to vote for them here.

Anyway, with the above being said, I have quite a few VERY left wing Dem acquaintences. Last Friday, at lunch with a few of them, I came to a conclusion over the discussion of the War on Terror.

One of my friends remarked how she thought how horrific it would be to be a Palestinian and have a missle blow up the house next door to yours. She couldn't imagine how those poor people could stand it. She sympathized with the Palestinian plight. She is also Jewish.

I mentioned the fact that there was a big difference between taking out murderers like Hamas (and possibly killing a few innocent bystanders) or sending a psychopath with a bomb full of nails strapped to his midsection into a Bat Mitzvah full of teenage girls.

We couldn't agree on anything. She thought I was a neocon and I thought that she was seeing the world through rose-colored glasses. I said to her, "You know, Hamas would kill your daughter and celebrate it."

Then, the topic turned to Bush and Kerry. One of my acquaintence's father was a Vietnam vet from the 173rd Airborne. My friend was going to vote for Kerry and his father for Bush. They aren't talking anymore. The son doesn't understand why his father would hate Kerry.

We finally got around to the War on Terror. Most seemed to think that Bush was doing a lousy job, and they all could not believe that, as a vet, I could support him.

I asked them how many vets that they knew were supporting Kerry. No one spoke.

I asked them if they thought Kerry would do a better job on the war. Only one spoke up about Kerry bringing America back into the world community.

I asked them if they hated Bush more than Osama. No one spoke. Nobody said a word.

They hate President Bush so much that they would believe anything, do anything, but support the one man who has done ANYTHING about terrorism, about peace in Israel, about the economy.

Finally, one said to me that I was being emotional. That, as a soldier, I supported a President that was a "Fighting President". That I saw the President who told the firefighters at Ground Zero, "I hear you! The whole world hears you!". That I kept thinking of the President that secretly flew into Baghdad to have Thanksgiving dinner with the troops.

At least they got that part right!

This is just the beginning of one of the nastiest and most divisive elections in our history. Hold on to your hats, ladies and gentlemen, this ride is going to make the 2000 Election look like a Church picnic.