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It's Going To Be A...

Many of you know that my wife is pregnant, and, as a result, has Hyperemesis Gravidium. With our first child, she had to get fed by IV for about six months. A little sip of water would cause her to throw up.

This time it didn't last as long (plus, the advances in treatment of h-g have been incredible in just a few years). In fact, she's a little over five months and doing much better. She's been eating more and more everyday. Two days ago, we ate Chinese food for the first time in six months! Man, I missed Kung Pao and Kirin Lager.

Anyway, this morning we found out the sex of our baby.

It's going to be a...girl!

We'll have one of each. Cool. Except that she totally screws up my plan to name our kids after Scotch...or Hong Kong action movie stars. Darn it.

Hhhhmmm, how bad would it be to name her Macallan? Really.