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HALO and Rising Sun

This is good news. I like XBox a lot. My time as a grad student has something to do with it.

When I was a grad student at the U of Chicago, my grad advisor quit teaching to go work for XBox. He had been developing games for years and was one of the creators of Marathon which was the precursor to Doom. He was a cool grad advisor.

    Cool Grad Advisor: "Hey, Matt, want to discuss my new Algorithm? It'll only take about five hours."

    Me: "Not really."

    CGA: "Want to go to Jimmy's, get a beer and talk transport protocols for XBox."

    Me: "Um. Hell, yeah."

After he left, I was assigned to a real pain-in-the-ass who discovered that I hadn't taken his Super Advanced Algorithms for Masocist Geniuses class. It had five math problems per week that took me about 30 hours and 40 pages (typed) to finish. I was ready to commit homicide. And, to top it all off, he was a socialist who believed that the government should pay him to sit and think about stuff. I had to listen to that crap all of the time.

"The University of Chicago - Where Fun Comes To Die!"

That, ladies and gentlemen, is what I call a major digression.

Back to the point. I love video games. Lately, I have been consumed by two games. I only like to play one game at a time until I finish it.

    HALO for XBox (I heard that the PC version was a lot better)


    Medal of Honor: Rising Sun for Nintendo GameCube

HALO is fun. I like the fact that you can only carry two weapons - some games allow you to carry fifteen different weapons (like Turok which I like, too). I don't like the vehicle parts too much, but the sniping is good stuff. HALO is the exception to my one game rule. I stop playing HALO for weeks or months and come back to it.

Rising Sun has been somewhat of a diappointment. I finished it in four nights. I liked Frontline better. I have said in previous posts that there's only one thing better than killing Nazis, and that's drinking beer and killing Nazis. Maybe it is just better than blowing up Saki and shooting Niponese soldiers. It just wasn't as good as the first one. Or maybe it was as good and I wanted something more...and the ending sucked. I guess there is going to be a Rising Sun Part 2.

The point of this post: Anyone have any recommendations on new games?