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Baathists Send The Wrong Message To Our President

This is sad news. Four contractors (3 were U.S. citizens) were killed while travelling through Fallujah. Among celebratory Baathist Iraqis, their bodies were beaten, mutilated, and then hung from a bridge before being dragged for miles behind donkey carts. The Iraqi police arrived at the scene 30 minutes after the incident and have, as yet, no suspects.

The below article is via the Washington Post:

"As we work on governance, essential services, restoring the economy, we've got coalition employees throughout the cities, throughout the country, trying to work with the people of Iraq, trying to work with the organizations," Kimmitt said.

"Fallujah," he said, "remains one of those cities in Iraq that just don't get it. It's a former Baathist stronghold. This was a city that profited immeasurably and immensely under the former regime. They have a view that somehow the harder they fight, the better chance they have of achieving some sort of restorationist movement within the country."

Kimmitt added that "the contractors stand side by side with the Iraqi security forces, side by side with the coalition forces. Every time they go out, they know they're taking risk; and they're willing to take that risk for many, many reasons, one of which, they understand that they're part of this process of bringing this country a future that they have not had for 35 years."

So typical of cowards, ambushing a civilian convoy of two SUVs and then tearing into people that were already dead.

If the Baathists want a share of the power, is this really the way to go about getting it? Of course it's not.

This is what bullies do when they don't want to share power. The Baathists are suffering like the rest of Iraq for the first time. And they are reacting like spoiled bullies. Now, anyone who goes into Fallujah will go in, ready for Bear, knowing that they won't get help from the populace.

The Baathists just made a big mistake. Parading the bodies of our fallen heroes through the streets of Moghidishu might have had an effect on the last administration, but doing so in Iraq is a magnificient error. We have a very different man in office now. One who won't cut and run at the site of fallen heroes being dishonored. One who won't let the media and the left-wing lose our battles for us. Our Cowboy President is different than the last one by far.

If anything, it will further steel his resolve to give Iraqis real democracy. It should have the same effect on you. THAT'S what will infuriate the Baathists more than anything else - to give others a role in the determining the course of Iraq.