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Florida 2004 - Stealing the Election

So here I am in Naples, Florida - enjoying the beautiful weather and spending time with my family. There's a lot to love about Florida. Then, again, there are some things that deserve a bit of scrutiny.

Did you know that if Florida's convicted criminals were allowed to vote in the 2000 election, Al Gore would be President?

That's the claim made in the NY Times, Sunday. And the Democrats are thinking of re-infranchising the voting rights of felons in Florida in order to lock up victory later this year.

FIGHTING FOR FLORIDA - Disenfranchised Florida Felons Struggle to Regain Their Rights
...Critics say that President Bush would have lost in 2000 if disenfranchised felons had been allowed to vote. A 2001 report by a University of Minnesota sociologist counted more than 600,000 in Florida, not including those still in prison, on parole or on probation. More than one in four black men here may not vote, the report found. The state says it is impossible to know how many disenfranchised felons live here, because some have died or moved.
If you read the article, you will see that there is a voting right clemency procedure in place in which Governor Bush reviews each case. In fact, for some crimes, clemency is automatically reviewed.

The Democratic National Committee New Motto - Where 'Voters of Conviction' Means More Than Just Strong Beliefs