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Four Days Away From St. Paddy's Day

"Too much of anything is good for nothing. Too much good whiskey is barely enough." - Irish toast
Distillery.gif(Photo -

Since one of the St. Paddy's Day post was about Guinness, I thought this one should have at least a picture of Bushmills.

I will try to update this post with pictures of the Chicago River later. It was dyed green this morning at about 11am. The usual saying around dying the Chicago River is, "If they dye it green one day per year, why can't they dye it blue the other 364?"

I had the Mrs. and Little Blackfive with me. Tried to take pictures but apparently Little Blackfive had been playing with the camera and left it on - the battery was dead. So I am recharging and will get some pictures in a few hours. At least it was a digital camera so no film was used.

Update: Here's the Chicago River, kelly green. Looking west towards the Michigan Avenue bridge and the Chicago Sun-Times Building.


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