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Waffle-King Ad Violates FCC Rule?

Am I Two-Faced?

"If I were two-faced, would I be wearing this one?" -- Abraham Lincoln

This "Using-9/11-AD" thing has caused more finger-pointing than Bill Clinton driving by a High-School Cheerleader Carwash. I received the comment below in a previous post about Bush's use of 9/11 in a campaign ad:

I noticed on December 9th you were freaking out about Kucinich using war dead in his ad. This is just as bad. Don't be so 2 faced. Those who die because of failed foreign policy by any political party should not be exploited EVER! It's immoral and distasteful.

Am I two-faced?

You decide.

Disclaimer: This is not an easy issue for me to blog about. Every time I think about Kucinich or Blumrich, I think Crap Weasel and Crap Weasel Extraordinaire. I will give it whirl. Juliette is right about trying to leave emotions at the door (and she always inspires me to think an issue through), but sometimes I can't do that, it's "go" time.

Let's take a look at this issue:

First, Dennis Kucinich puts out an ad which feature minutes of footage of flag draped coffins. The names of every U.S. Serviceman KIA scrolls across the screen. I blogged about it here and here.

The Blue Star Mothers, along with a lot of help from the Blogosphere, caused Dennis Kucinich to pull the video from his campaign. They shamed him into pulling the ad. The producer of the ad was furious about it and my posts.

Then, months later, George Bush is using an Ad with a a few second clip of a flag-draped fallen hero being carried by firefighters.

The differences are simple.

1. Because the Kucinich commercial propagates the belief that, the more dead soldiers that come home, the sooner we will quit and run from Iraq. His commercial may actually incite MORE violence against our troops. His commercial could be the very reason that al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein loyalists will fight harder. His video is a shot in the arm to those who oppose us. Think about what our lack of response to attacks from Al Qaeda got us. September 11th.

The effect of the Kucinich commercial is negative - especially to anyone expected to fight for us.

The Bush Ad is the opposite. We're honoring the sacrifice made by those men who dashed into a doomed building. We won't forget them and, hey Al Qaeda, we're coming for you.

One is sending a message to our enemies and the other is not.

Is Bush's ad saying, "Look at this dead firefighter. What a waste. This is horrible. We should stop fighting our enemy."?

2. Kucinich used the names of our fallen on his commercial. What a lot of us found outrageous would be that Kucinich felt he could speak for our dead heroes. That his message was coming from them or that they would have supported his stance on the war.

One of the last things my friend, Major Mat Schram, did before he was killed in Iraq was tell his family that he was proud to be serving under President Bush.

I found it disgusting that the producer of the Kucinich video would use his name to promote a stance that Mat Schram surely would not have supported. Not ever.

The President isn't using the names of the dead to push his agenda. He isn't claiming that all 3,000 dead Americans are supporting his agenda.

3. Simply put, these cries of abuse of 9/11 are about the all-encompassing hatred for President Bush by the left. The folks calling me two-faced should be able to look past their consuming disregard for President Bush and look at the meaning of the commercials. Look at how they use the images.

So, am I two-faced?