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Tuesday Trip

Even though Frank J. at IMAO hasn't updated my blog address in SIX MONTHS (two emails and no change - thanks pal), I still link to his blog frequently. Today, he has a good post on Love Thy Neighbor.

Kelly the Patriette has an interesting post about a Memorial For American Soldiers built by Iraqis.

ATTENTION: The New Blog Showcase is no more. Just want to give a BIG THANKS to N.Z. Bear for hosting it. I won the NBS back in July when I was a four-week old blog. I had about 15 daily readers back then. It helped jump start Blackfive.

Beth Donovan is away from home and she has some tips for the February traveller. Maybe someone should develop the TravelPro BlackLight?

Darren Kaplan points out a possible French invasion of Haiti (they call it peacekeeping)...the Monroe Doctrine clearly allows for the U.S. to defend the Western Hemisphere...I can see a Marine Squad Leader right now, leaving home, telling his wife that he'll be back in time for dinner with a French surrender.

BTW, I was in Haiti the last time this coup thing happened. It's a miserable place.

More in a few hours...

Dane has an interesting post about Bill Clinton as a Supreme Court Justice...I can't think of anything more wrong (except cats and dogs sleeping together).

Rammer at Electric Venom posts about a disturbing website built by a maximum security prison.

JB has a post about a poser. Always in a bar, some guy spouts off about being a Ranger or Delta or Seal or whatever. I have a similar story of meeting someone that claimed to be from the same unit that I was in. It didn't end so well. I was going to post it in JB's comments but decided on discretion. I'll post about it in a few weeks.

Jockularocracy has a thoughtful post about Maurice Clarett - the high school kid trying to get into the NFL draft.

James Joyner at Outside the Beltway has a great post on the Don Henley comments on the need for government intervention in the music business. FYI: The last two CDs that I paid for were Toby Keith's Shockin Y'All and Nickleback's Someday. Note to Don Henley: If you want to make money in the music business, don't SUCK.

Pejman has a post about a Russian missle test that is akin to getting a subscription for viagra, but then the Pharmacist gives you a placebo by mistake. Humiliation galore!

My scotch-drinking, Straight-White-Guy-type, Marine pal, Eric, posted about his brother having surgery. Go wish Eric's brother, Joshua, a speedy recovery.

Sgt. Hook has a great story about a Sergeant (NCO) sent by email. Hook's right. There's plenty of stories about great NCO's out there. Got a few myself to tell.