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Thursday Links

John Donovan at Argghhh! has an interesting post on how we should increase re-enlistments in our armed services - based on the Navy in 1779.

Tony the Oriental Redneck looks at Kerry then (1971) and now (2004). Go to "Kerry Inconsistencies On Veterans And Foreign Policy" if link is blogspotted.

James Joyner at Outside the Beltway has an interesting post about the Enlisted to Officer ratios in the Army. This subject's tough for me. I think about preferring

More to follow:

Best In Show is an awesome movie. Dog Shows crack me up. Ever since Triumph the Insult Comic Dog covered the "steamy underbelly" of the Westminster Dog Show (scroll down to Westminster Dog Show - 1999 and make sure that you also watch the Stars Wars Episode I video), I can't keep a straight face while watching one. Enjoy!

The "stars" of the dog show even get gift baskets - akin to those given to Oscar presenters. GET A LIFE PEOPLE!!!!

Even More to Follow:

Citizen Smash has the text of the apology from the asshat that went around selling Nuke technology to Iran and North Korea. I am assuming that he's still alive because (1) we need him to spill the beans on who was working for/with him and (2) he's the esteemed Father of the Islamic Bomb - meaning that there is too much pride to lose by executing him. (loss of pride)=(humiliation)=(no 72 virgins)=(you suck)

Tasty Manatees takes Jonah Goldberg to task on the issue of blogs and anonymity and pseudonymity. It's a great post - go read it. Glenn Reynolds, Roger Simon, and other "losers" have blogged about this same topic. It does look like the professionals are getting a little irritated with us amateurs...I think that they'll have to make exceptions for MilBloggers because, without pseudonymity, there wouldn't be many active duty bloggers - period.