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The *sniff* Anguish of John Kerry

JarheadDad pointed out a New York Times article (subscription required) on John Kerry's complex history.

...As both a veteran and anguished opponent of the Vietnam War, Mr. Kerry has spent years working to square the circle of a conflict that divided his generation, and the nation. Now, his old words have come back to haunt his presidential campaign, as conservative backers of President Bush question whether Mr. Kerry is "a proud war hero or angry antiwar protester," as National Review Online recently asked.

The full picture is complex. In 1970 and 1971, Mr. Kerry was among the most prominent spokesmen for Vietnam Veterans Against the War, whose major patrons included the actress Jane Fonda, and which later staged takeovers of public buildings and walkouts from Veterans Administration hospitals. But when Mr. Kerry was involved, contemporaries recount, he often took steps to moderate the group's actions, believing it was better — for it, and him — to work within the political system that he ultimately sought to join. When he organized the mass march on Washington that resulted in his Senate testimony, Ms. Fonda was nowhere to be seen.


It is an open question whether Mr. Kerry's past will hurt him now, but his words to the Senate remain a special lightning rod, especially because he described soldiers' actions as "not isolated incidents but crimes committed on a day-to-day basis with the full awareness of officers at all levels of command."

John Kerry may have experienced anguish in turning his back on his band of brothers. John Kerry may have been anguished by the war.

But I can confidently say that John Kerry did not have the anguish that the POWs had while he was marching and testifying. Funny how the New York Times rallies around him in a Clinton-esque light. Next will be John Kerry biting his lip and pointing at Jane Fonda - "I did not have relations with that woman".