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What the Pakistanis think of our search for OBL

The BBC recently published exerpts of editorials from newspapers in Pakistan. It is insteresting reading. It seems they are very concerned about American troops within the borders of Pakistan searching for Osama bin Laden.

Is the concern because they want to do the job instead of us?

Is the concern for the lives of our troops?

Of course not...

It is to be welcomed that the government has rejected the participation of US forces in the operation. But, if the US forces decide to enter our territory in the name of hot pursuit, what will be our strategy? Will we try to repulse US forces with all our might? If so, then what measure will be adopted to avoid a big war? - Pakistan

Great. You worry about us pursuing mass murderers (and basically because you can't do it yourselves) and you wonder about your ability to repel us? Good luck with that. I particularly enjoyed the comment about 'a big war'. Talk about illusions of grandeur. Haven't you heard of the 'Mother of All Battles'?

Hey, India, you want Kashmir? All yours...

Whatever is going on in the tribal areas in the name of the hunt for Osama Bin Laden is pre-planned. The way the US presented a man and his voluble companions as the most dangerous force may not be a reality. How can a man having no country, no army and even no people pose serious threats to big powers? - Express

Well, he's a dangerous power because your government and country SUCK so bad that it creates a breeding ground for hatred, and, rather than direct that hatred at the appropriate source of problems (i.e. yourselves), you allow it to be directed against the innocent people of the United States. That's not only pathetic, but cowardly, too.

Osama has made his seven bodyguards take an oath to kill him in case he is in danger of arrest... Osama has decided that instead of being arrested he would prefer to die... Osama has tied ammunition rods around his body and if he is about to be arrested, he will blow himself up.

According to sources, the former Prime Minister of Afghanistan, Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, who had been co-operating with Osama's associates for several years, has been arrested. He was on the US hit list. According to some diplomatic sources, Hekmatyar's arrest will be kept a secret for the time being, and if Osama is also arrested, according to the US plan, his arrest will also be kept a secret, and this will be disclosed a few days before the US elections in November. - Khabrain

What? They took 'an oath to kill him'? Good!

Idea: What if we dropped manaquins in parachutes like we did during WWII and fooled the guards into thinking that paratroopers were decending upon them? "Sorry, Osama, but orders are orders..." Mheh. He'd be more screwed than a cheerleader tour of Wilt Chamberlain's Spanish Fly Factory.

All kidding aside (mostly), these newspaper editorials are indicative of the Middle Eastern mindset. Tired of being 'humiliated', the middle eastern males look up to OBL because, apparently, he took us down a notch by murdering innocent people. Religion of Peace?

I guess it's the religion of peace as long as you are willing to subjugate yourself to whatever the mullahs tell you. Otherwise, there's no peace for you - more likely a death by multiple rock trauma.