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Sacre Bleu! Not Chirac, too?

"France needs men of such quality." - Jaques Chirac, speaking about the conviction of Allain Juppe
How many convictions are we up to now in the French Government? Everybody minus Chirac?

Renaud Donnedieu de Vabres, the Spokesman for Chirac's party (Chirac is the head of the party), was convicted and fined today of covering up a money-laundering operation to infuse money into the party. Another Chirac ally was convicted of conducting the money-laundering operation.

So why is not President Jaques Chirac being investigated?

Because under French law (per their Constitution - Article 68), Jaques Chirac is immune, not only for crimes committed during his Presidency, but also for any crimes committed prior to his oath of office. Short of treason, Jaques Chirac is IMMUNE to any criminal or civil litigation. In fact, he doesn't even have to answer any questions concerning an investigation.

In effect, Chirac is above the laws that are convicting his friends and allies. And it will cause him, now 71, to seek re-election in order to maintain immunity from prosecution. To avoid conviction, Jaques Chirac may need to remain President until he dies.

And THIS is the kind of ally that the Democrats would promise to consult with before making any foreign policy moves???

Hey, Democrat Presidential Candidates, why don't you also take a stance that we need to talk to the Gambino family before we make any organized crime policy decisions...

After this nonsense, I have to stick by my recommendation for the next Ambassador to France.