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Monday Menagerie

Jennifer Martinez has an update on the Chicago Tribune columnist that called for an end to flying the POW/MIA flag. He's supposed to write a column for Wednesday. Since his gimmick is being a jerk, I doubt that it will be an apology.

In order to stimulate the economy, I proprose National Drink Beer Day! - inspiration provided by Angelweave's post on Thailand's Eat Chicken Day.

Party at Darren Kaplan's blog. He's in Puerto Rico and we've taken some liberties with the blog...feel free to join in.

Juliette at Baldilocks has a great post about Class warfare and the military...

Feste at Fool's Blog has a great pic from the Carnivale in Viareggio, Italy.

Mamamontezz does the math on a Cyanide discovery in Iraq.

David Kaspar at Medienkritik has a post on Michael Moore and Germany.

Speaking of horrible wind-bag jackasses (Moore, not Kaspar), Stephen Den Beste has two posts on Jabba the Butt - post one on his new film and post two on why Moore is not a traitor. This new film sounds so horrible that I have a hard time believing that anyone (inlcuding the loony left) will buy into it's premise.

More to follow...

Susie at Practical Penumbra talks about the latest infection of Beal.

There's no money in blogging? Sacre Bleu! John Hawkins spells it out for you...