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Michael Moore Squashed...

If you didn't see Michael Moore get squashed by the Oelephant (the battle of Pelinor Fields in the Return of the King) at the Oscars tonight you missed something good...

"You Hobbits started a ficticious war!"


Dunkin Donut stock plumets...

update: 748PM CST - Tim Robbins wins Best Supporting Actor...I'm waiting for the politics...he took the opportunity to talk about abuse and to ask those who are abused to seek help. Nice and classy gesture.

update: 8Pm CST - can't breathe. crying from laughing so hard. Robbin Williams doing a French Mini Mouse smoking a cig and expressing ennui about Freedom Fries. Finding Nemo wins Best Animated Picture.

Okay, gonna stop the blogging the Oscar thing. The Michael Moore squashing just was too SWEET not to blog!