Military Justice...
Smile! It's More Media Bias!

Listening To...

...Lenny Kravitz - "Stillness of Heart".

When I started my current job in 2000, I had a meeting where we did one of those really dumb ice-breakers. The meeting facilitator started off with a question:

"If you died and could come back as someone famous, who would it be?"

There were lots of responses like:

Indignant Director: "I wouldn't want to be anyone except myself" Loser.

Pseudo-Feminist Director: "I would want to be Hillary Clinton." Big Loser.

Green Director: "I would come back as Ralph Nader." What?

Capitalist Director: "Bill Gates. Definitely, Bill Gates."

So, when it was my turn:

"Lenny Kravitz."

One guy looked at me and asked why?

"Because he's coooool."

No one got it. Lenny's got more talent and style in his big toe than I will ever have. He rocks. He plays the blues. They probably listen to Michael "No-Talent-Ass-Clown" Bolton.

I almost said, "Ok then, I pick Bruce Willis so I could kick your sorry asses and say something witty."