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John Kerry - Bush Failed in 9/11 Response

Here we go, folks. I wonder if John Kerry will abandon all the people of Iraq with his smarter strategy? It would be like what he helped happen in Vietnam. The man has "cut-and-run" written all over him.

Kerry: Bush Has Failed in 9/11 Response

By NEDRA PICKLER, Associated Press Writer

LOS ANGELES - Democrat John Kerry, widely assailed by Republican critics, said Friday that President Bush has failed in his response to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and faulted the Republican for breaking promises on the economy, education and health care.


In his speech, Kerry said Iraq is in disarray with U.S. troops bogged down in a deadly guerrilla war with no exit in sight. He said outlying areas of Afghanistan are sliding back into the hands of a resurgent Taliban and emboldened warlords.

The Bush administration, he argued, has shown disdain for the Mideast peace process and allowed Iran and North Korea to continue their quest for nuclear weapons that could get into the hands of terrorists.

"I am convinced that we can prove to the American people that we know how to make them safer and more secure with a stronger, more comprehensive, more effective strategy for winning the war on terror than the Bush administration has ever envisioned," Kerry said.

Bush spokesman Steve Schmidt said Kerry made "a political speech filled with defeatist rhetoric and factual inaccuracies."

"John Kerry ignored the real progress being made on all fronts of the war on terror, and he ignored his own long voting record that would undermine America's ability to fight the war on terror," Schmidt said.

Seriously, though, this speech is going to go against Kerry. I hope he keeps making it...and I wonder what the soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan would think of it.

Update - February 28: Jennifer Martinez has a post about another POW's thoughts on John Kerry.