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Hidden nuclear drawings found in Iran

Well, I would say that this is good news. Why?

It's good because it gives us the confimation that we need to keep looking for the culprits - the bad guys ARE out there and trying to sell/buy nuke technology. We are on the right track.

U.N. inspectors find blueprints of high-tech equipment used to enrich uranium. The discovery renews U.S. suspicions of a covert nuclear program.
Los Angeles Times Service

WASHINGTON - U.N. inspectors have discovered that Iran hid blueprints for a powerful device to enrich uranium in an apparent breach of Tehran's promise last year to disclose all of its nuclear activities, officials in Austria and Washington said Thursday.

The discovery of the concealed blueprints for a centrifuge, which can be used to enrich uranium for civilian reactors or nuclear bombs, raised questions about whether Tehran also has bought designs for a nuclear weapon from black market sources, the officials said.

Even if bomb blueprints are not found, Washington will discuss with its allies whether to ask the International Atomic Energy Agency -- the U.N. nuclear watchdog -- to refer Iran's nuclear activities to the United Nations Security Council for debate, U.S. officials said. Washington has not yet decided whether to advocate international sanctions against Iran and will await a report from the IAEA next week before deciding what course to take, they said.

''This is the smoking gun,'' said Henry D. Sokolski, executive director of the Washington-based Nonproliferation Policy Education Center. ``They lied -- again.''

...The G-2 centrifuge is a new model that can enrich bomb-quality uranium in half the time as the first-generation centrifuges that Iran previously admitted to having, Sokolski said in a telephone interview from London.

''This is like saying I prohibited you from having any motorized vehicles, and you declared your motor scooter, and I discovered you had a Ferrari,'' Sokolski said.