French Wine Producers Whine
John Kerry - Bush Failed in 9/11 Response

Friday Foray

Good day to you...I FEEEEL GREEAAAT!

Here's what happened at Madfish Willie's last features Harvey.

If you haven't over to Argghhh!, you should check out why Low Tide Landings Suck. LMAO.

More to follow...update:8PM CST

Laughing Wolf has an interesting post about NASA and the intersection of goals of the Department of Defense and NASA.

David Kaspar at Medienkritik has an interesting post about Iraqi immigration trends to Germany.

Just the other night Mr. Green and I were having a few beers at Happy Hour, and I remarked, "Damn, Mr. Green, you are one sexy man!" Now, I know why...

Greyhawk at the Mudville Gazette has a story about SSG Wolford who received a Silver Star for his actions almost a year ago in Iraq.

Susie, a movie insider, tells us how movies actually get put up on the big screen.