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Conan and Triumph Insult French Canadians

If you've read this blog before, then you would probably know that I have referenced Triumph - The Insult Comic Dog several times. He's a guest on Conan O'Brien's late night show and he's really done it this time.


This via the Toronto Star:

...That's when Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, a vulgar and recurring character on the show, "pooped" on Quebec with a virulent assault on French Canadians.

"So you're French and Canadian, yes?" Triumph asked one passerby. "You're obnoxious and dull."

"I can tell you're French, you know," he told another. "You have that proud expression, that superior look, and I can smell your crotch from here."

"Are you a separatist?" he asked a rotund man. "Maybe you should try separating yourself from doughnuts first."

And now, it seems, Triumph has really caused a controversy. This via the Winnipeg Sun:

A TV comedy sketch in which a snarky puppet took potshots at French Canadians was called racist and unfunny by some federal politicians yesterday while the visiting American TV host who ignited the controversy acknowledged the trouble the comments have caused.

...NDP MP Alexa McDonough said the sketch featuring Triumph the Insult Comic Dog was "vile and vicious" and amounted to hate-mongering and that the feds should demand their money back.

...When one couple confirmed they were separatists the puppet said, "Listen closely. Hear that? It's the sound of no one giving a -" followed by an expletive bleep.

This is outrageous! Something must be done about Triumph and I demand that President Bush take matters into his own hands. We must mend this rift with our Northern neighbor - staunch friend and ally - Canada.

I call on you, President Bush, to nominate Triumph - The Insult Comic Dog, as our Ambassador to France!