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Blackfive Movie Review - 50 First Dates

Mrs. Blackfive and I saw 50 First Dates on Valentine's Day. We did the dinner and a movie date thing. It was great to get my pregnant wife out of the house for an afternoon and evening.

She wanted to see 50 First Dates. Here's my take on it:

1. It's a movie about a Vetrinarian (Sandler) at a Hawaii aquarium that falls in love with a woman (Berrymore) who lost her ability to create short or long term memories in an automobile accident, and her long-term memory is intact up to the point where she had an automobile accident. In other words, she wakes up everyday thinking that it is the day after her accident.

2. Berrymore and Sandler are cute. I commented to my wife that the studios are trying to make them the next Hanks/Ryan duo.

3. It's a bittersweet love story with a great premise, but the story falls a bit flat on the follow-through.

4. It's a chick-flick thinly guised as a comedy by allowing Sandler to throw in his usual gags. For instance, he plays a funny guitar song for her. There's plenty of weird humor and Sandler-shouts. It's forced and violently inserted into a love story. He doesn't come off as sweet as he did in The Wedding Singer.

5. Rob Schneider and Sean Astin were hilarious in this movie. Schneider plays a Hawaiian side-kick and Astin plays Berrymore's crazy body-building brother. The other Hawaiians in the movie are funny and quirky, too.

As far as date movies go, it's a good compromise. Otherwise, since there's no swords or explosions or paratroopers, wait for the rental.