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First off, here's two links to the same blog - The Ministry of Minor Perfidy. Here is a hilarious post about Gay Porn and Professional Baseball. And, sort of on topic, here is a post about lap dancing in Korea (for the 2nd Infantry Division).

Johnny W. sent me this article by Dave Barry from 2002 - has anything changed?

Brian J. (no relation to Frank) has a post about turning blogging into publishing deals - which is funny because I read about Mimi Smartypants getting a deal with Harper Collins. That's cool. But Wil Wheaton? - Chip Diller?

Venomous Kate has a post about slavery reparations...we have a politician here in Chicago that continually bitches that 40 acres and a mule should be 40 million and a Lexus...


Update: 4PM CST

Mr. Green called me to tell me about this. Anna at Primal Purge has one great post about Atkins. Here's a "taste":

"Like most, I'm enjoying the rich, culinary diversity Atkins has to offer; fried bacon for breakfast, for lunch I have a bacon sandwich consisting of ten pieces of bacon wrapped around five pieces of bacon, a bacon shake slurped through a hand-rolled bacon Crazy Straw for a mid-afternoon snack, and slow-cooked Crock Pot bacon simmered in bacon glaze for dinner followed by a bale of bacon-scented Metamucil to facilitate the marble-sized turd that's manufactured once every seven days."
Staying on food topic talking point, Starbuck's in Paris? via the Opinion Journal.

Tony - the Oriental Redneck - has a post that's difficult to read, let alone listen, to...and he's right. I really believe that Democratic strategy is to erase the memory of 9/11.

This is why Jennifer Martinez rocks!!!

Serenity has contracted Bad Money's currency fixation...