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Wednesday Warp

Yesterday, Frank J. scientifically proves that George Bush is not Hitler. However, he found plausible evidence that someone else could be Hitler...

Today, he has another installment of In My World in which you-know-who makes another video, not Paris Hilton, Harv.

Boots and Sabers is hosting the Bonfire of the Vanities this week...check out the hilariously worst of the 'sphere.

American Realpolitik has this week's Carnival of the Vanities.

Juliette at Baldilocks has a very interesting post on why she is a Republican.

The Bejus Pundit got banged up a bit over the holidays...and, not in a good way. Go visit Bejus to find out what happened, plus he has some great posts on the Democratic Underground and Clark.

Now, for some coffee, back in a bit...okay, I'm back. They just built a Dunkin' Donuts across the street from my condo. I normally like to go to Seattle's Best or Starbuck's, but, since it is damn cold here in Chicago today, Dunkin Donuts it is!

I received a comment in my post about the military's way of dispersing medals. The commenter was THERE at the incident I had heard about. Cool.

Annika has a great post about Dean and the bible.

Hugh Hewitt's got an interesting take on a flag football game between the services.

Darren Kaplan has a very interesting post on decoding al Qaeda...

Man, Geoff's place has turned into a troll-infested post has 877 comments (probably about 800 troll spams though). Spam Coming Right Outa Trolls Ugly Mouth....maybe, I'll trademark it.

This one from Phil Carter at IntelDump is about training Marines to be nice. WTF? I wasn't a Marine but come from a long line of them. This is absolutely crazy...what happened to Every Marine a Rifleman?

Jockularocracy has a great post on Poker on TV. I actually wrote a post about how my wife thought that poker was boring until she started watching Celebrity Poker and World Series of Poker. Granted, Texas Hold 'Em is for wimps (especially, with ONE deck). Now, she is hooked. I trashed the post because it sucked, but Jock's is a good run down on the phenom of poker on TV.

I won a medal over at Madfish Willie's Cyber Saloon.

Greyhawk (who always posts great stuff) points to a post from John Galt about the Homecoming of our troops rotating back to the states. He's right. Go read it.

Greyhawk also has a post on David Letterman's visit to our troops in Iraq. Bobby Sr., one of our readers, sent me a picture of his son (in a combat support hospital with pnemonia) with David Letterman. This morning on Fox, I also saw that Colin Quinn visited the troops.

Jon at QandO discusses the term "NeoCon" and it's Jewish connotation. (scroll down as Blogspot links don't work too well)

John Hawkins of Right Wing News discusses some of his beliefs.

Side note: I have to say that I cringe at labels like ultra-conservative or NeoCon or Right-Wing. My wife laughed at me the other day when I claimed that I was middle-of-the-road in my beliefs...She just smiled at me and patiently said, "Matt, you're conservative. You are "Mid-Western", not middle-of-the-road. You just want everyone to use common sense instead of name-calling." Damn smart woman, Mrs. Blackfive. So, I agree with every point on John's list except for the Clinton point. I hate Bill Clinton...for what happened in Moghidishu, if not everything else he did to weaken our counrty's moral, foreign policy, and military strengths. I don't like Hillary, but that's far from the seething disregard I have for her husband. I just think she's a mean-spirited, cold-hearted, power-hungry, lying dupe (I don't think she's racist, either).
Boy, that was a digression!

This post is why I think Paul at Sanity's Edge is one of the funniest bloggers around. He doesn't write parody - he lives it and throws it in people's faces every day!

I will probably move to the Chicago suburbs soon since we will need more room in about 7 months. Wilmette is not on the short list of places to move to...Eric the Straight White Guy explains.

Sarah at Trying to Grok has a post on deciphering the liberal spin of the media.

Kevin at Wizbang! has a post on the French losers that missed an opportunity to catch an al Qaeda suspect...of course, this is after the French claimed the U.S. was over-reacting about the canceled flights. Egg on your face, France, egg on your face...