Emails and Hatemails - December-January
Some teachers are up to no good and...

This is crap...

I saw this letter on Healing Iraq via Andrew Olmstead's site (via Instapundit): It's a letter about Americans committing atrocities in Iraq. Specifically, it's about the drowning of a woman's son (after he was handcuffed).

If this happened over the weekend, wouldn't the liberal media (that would just absolutely go crazy over this) have written about it? While this might have actually have happened, I really doubt it and I hope it didn't happen.

It sounds EXACTLY like what happened to the son of a Kurdish chief when his son crossed a bridge over a river near the no-fly zone border in the north. The Iraqi guards made the Kurdish kid do the exact same thing and he drowned. I will look for the story. Happened awhile ago.

I have to call bullsh*t on this one. We'll see what happens with the "investigation".

Update: This is all I could find right now. I will look at the Kurdish Press to see if that's where I had heard of this sort of thing before.

Another update: Instapundit has a good run down from former military guys about some B.S. aspects of the letter. So, if this happened FIVE days ago, where is Al Jazeera on this? The BBC would be all over this like Michael Moore on a donut.

Everyone is so fast to give Zeyad some credit here and say that he has been trustworthy before. I have never read his blog before, and I don't know him.

I'll apologize to Zeyad if this turns out to be true. Just one thing to say to everyone calling this a tragedy...

How about giving the American serviceman some credit?

Another another update: Greyhawk has some great posts: Season of Lies I, II, and, the capper, III.

More Healing Crap from Iraq is here.

Update 07-03-04: Apology was made on April 5th.