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Support Another Greatest Generation

Staff Sergeant Roy Mitchell, of the 10th Mountain Division, lost his left leg when his humvee hit a land mine in Afghanistan. He received a Purple Heart from President Bush on December 18th.

I know about him because, through a donation from Operation Hero Miles (maybe one of you were responsible for that), he was able to get his son to visit him at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C., during the holidays.

I just watched his interview with Geraldo Rivera last night. Geraldo asked him about how he was doing. Staff Sergeant Mitchell replied that, it wasn't just the importance of the War on Terror, but that all of the well wishes, phone calls, and support from everyday Americans has made his loss worth it.

At that point, Geraldo started crying, lost his composure, and could barely say, "We. Love. You. Sergeant."

SSG Mitchell heard him though. He heard his words loud and clear.

That's right. A 32 year-old Staff Sergeant loses his leg and says that it was worth it...because of support from the American people.

And some think that there would never be another Greatest Generation...they should talk to SSG Mitchell.

Now, I would ask a favor of you.

The guest book that the families and wounded soldiers at Walter Reed is available on line here. I left a few entries recently. Today, I noticed someone had left very disheartening remarks...remarks that the families and our wounded military will read.

Please send an encouraging message to SSG Mitchell and all of our wounded military and their families. Let's flood the guestbook with support, prayers, and love for those who were wounded in their service for us.

Thank you.