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I always love a pub when it gives you that something extra. Food, peanuts, free shots are all good.

I also like pubs and bars that recognize their good customers. Years ago, when US Army Officer's Clubs were actually used for boozing, there would always be a plaque with some Warrant Officer's name on a bar stool where the guy sat every single night for three or four years (until his tour was over).

My favorite pubs and bars in Chicago always take care of a good customer: Durkin's, Dublin's, Pippin's, O'Neil's, Dugan's, Kincade's (anyone else noticing a trend here?), Marie's Riptide Lounge, and my all-time favorite - The Burwood Tap. But none of them, NOT ONE, do this for their customers:

Pub Offers Regulars a Pint and a Plot
Fri Jan 30, 9:27 AM ET - United Kingdom

A game of darts or a packet of peanuts are what most British pubs sell customers to go with their beer, but one landlord is offering them something rather more lasting -- a final resting place.

Regulars at the Church Inn need not leave their favorite drinking spot even when their time on Earth is up, because landlord Julian Taylor has turned a field next door into a cemetery.

"The idea came about when my dad was ill," said Taylor, who bought the country pub near the northern city of Manchester 11 years ago.

"We are in a beautiful spot at the top of a hill and he said he'd like to be buried looking down into the valley."

Locals liked the idea and have started buying plots themselves, he told Reuters.

"One regular has even asked his friends to take their pints out into the cemetery on Friday nights after he dies -- in memory of his happy nights in the pub," Taylor said.

Kind of adds a twist to the "Absent Companions" toast from the can actually go out back and toast them.