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More on the Healing Iraq Issue

There's a bit more to the story from Zeyad of Healing Iraq about the 19 year-old Iraqi boy alledgedly murdered by a US Patrol. I posted about it here, here, here, and here.

Instapundit links to a Slate article where the reporter talked to both the American Commander in Samarra and the murdered boy's family and cousin (the only live witness).

The American Commander conducted his own investigation and doesn't think anything was done wrong by his troops, the Iraqi ICDC Commander thinks the Americans killed the boy, the Iraqi family members believe that the Americans killed the boy. It's a big mess.

Now the US Army's Criminal Investigation Division is looking into the matter. They spent four hours with the survivor. I have a lot of faith that they'll get to the bottom of this to determine if the American soldiers killed the Iraqi (unlikely) or something else happened.