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I've Got Friends In Low Places...

I am not going to be posting a whole lot today. It's my birthday and I thought I would post some of the well wishing emails from the bastards friends as they trickle in...well, I'll post excerpts of them and edit for language only. BTW, I am not the kind of guy to bitch about birthdays and the passing of time, I let my friends do that for me...mheh.

From the Irish Sergeant Major: Damn, sir, what are you now, 50? Hope you take it easy tonight because we all know that you can't hold your liquor! Have a few whiskeys on me, tonight! Airborne!

From Major Chris in Korea: Hey, Lemonhead! Happy Birthday! Have a giant burrito but only taste it once! Tell your beautiful wife I said Happy Birthday, too.

From Doc Burton in Germany: Happy Birthday, Matty! How's the wife? Is she feeling better? Have a shot on me tonight, but not too many, okay big guy? AND MAKE SURE TO CHEW YOUR FOOD!

(Blackfive note: I deserve some crap here. Two years ago, I did 20 shots of Johnny Walker Black. My friends and I went out for Burritos later and I ended up in an alley behind the burrito joint puking the whole thing up. My friends had followed me back in the alley to make sure that I would be okay. After I finished regurgitating the whole steak burrito that I had just consumed, Doc picks up a piece of steak that just been in my stomach and shakes it in my face while chastising me for not chewing my food - he went on a tirade about stomach and colon cancer, etc...).

From my youngest brother: Still sober? What are you thinking, bro?! Have a great birthday! Dublin's tonight?

I will post more in a bit...

From Bonehead in Malibu: Happy Birthday, Matty!...You realize that you and MacArthur share the same birthday? You two have so much in common.

Wait! Except for the excelling part. you don't do that. Oh, and the conquering hero part. You didn't really conquer much of anything except the Hofbrauhaus in Munich and a bad case of crabs. Yep. And the genius thing. You don't match on that either. Come to think of it, you don't really have anything in common with him at all. Well, until you die that is.

Cheer up and have a great birthday!

(Blackfive note: Thanks, pal. Hey, it's also Australia Day and India Republic Day! Happy Australia Day to my Aussie friends and Happy India Republic Day to my Indian buddies.)