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An Article from Arab News was sent by Jim W. to Misha and I.

I read the email and then went to But my gateway blocked it because Arab News has content that is on a Known Vandals list!!!

So I had to tweak some things to get the site loaded. Just be careful not to click the images (the 9/11 image is on the Vandal List).

Why Morale Is So Low Among American Troops in Iraq
Essa bin Mohammed Al Zedjali, Special to Arab News

There is extreme frustration that has already driven some of the soldiers to commit suicide; many suffer from depression and other psychological problems.

Reports coming out of Iraq tell us some uninspiring tales about the US forces. Suicide cases among American soldiers are on the increase and psychological illnesses are spreading at an alarming rate. The suicide rate is frighteningly high: 34 cases for every 100,000 American soldiers. Besides, as many as 478 soldiers have so far been sent back home for psychological treatment.

The American administration has tried in vain to contain the spread of demoralization. It has sent many psychiatrists to Iraq but the doctors have had little success in addressing the soldiers’ problems. The only way out was to send the mentally sick soldiers back home — which is what is going on now...

This is guy really on to something. People who fight in wars, a long way from loved ones, and surrounded by asshats like the author, are bound to have low morale. Somebody get this guy a Pulitzer!

But he may be right so I want to do my part to raise morale (aside from contributing to Hook's Afghan BBQ fund).

So, I have a proposition for you Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines. Send me a picture of you giving an *ahem* appropriate gesture to the Taliban...I am going to put together a little video set to the tune of Toby Keith's Taliban Song and I would like to give you people an opportunity to express yourselves. Actually, a whole unit giving the bird would be awesome.

Here is what I need:

A digital image of you in uniform giving an appropriate gesture to the Taliban.

I realize that you could be reprimanded for this so I will photoshop out your name tape so it won't be visible. If you request, I will blur your face and unit patch, too.

Then, when this "Spring Offensive" is launched, I'll publish the video and *VIOLA!* improved morale!

Of course, maybe just a nice cup of herbal tea would work, too.