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Healing Iraq - The Plot Thickens

Instapundit has an update from an Army Major in Iraq on the Healing Iraq blog story of American soldiers committing murder in Iraq. The below information is straight from the Instapundit post:

A WHILE BACK I linked to an account of serious misconduct by American troops from Iraqi blogger Zeyad. Zeyad has posted an update, and Major Sean Bannion emails from Baghdad with this information on the investigation so far:

The investigation continues but what we know right now is the same as what I told you the other day. That is....

The car was stopped by elements of the 1st Battalion, 8th Infantry from the 3 Brigade Combat Team (4th Infantry Division). The unit says they did have a checkpoint in the area and may have processed them, but prior to any resolution of the situation the occupants of that car and checkpoint itself were turned over to personnel from the Iraqi Civil Defense Corps (ICDC). This puts the ICDC in the cross-hairs of an investigation now and we're following it up.

Sorry I can't do better right now. Go ahead and post if you like. And you'll be right to stay on me and the military in general if we let this one slip.

Stay tuned. Chief Wiggles is looking into it, too.

Not sure what this means other than it's being looked into...and that the Iraqis might be responsible.

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