Wednesday Warp

Blackfive eating habits of late...

So my wife's pregnant and has a condition called "hyperemesis something-in-latin". Bascially, she can't eat and gets nutrients via IVs every few days. This also happened when she was pregnant with little Blackfive. So, I am staying home this week, taking care of playing with little Blackfive and watching over my wife. My eating habits have gone to hell. Here's what I had for dinner last night: Chips and Salsa, Beer, chocolate ice cream, more beer later. All after 9pm. Mostly, this was due to figuring out what to eat while blogging (Spaghetti or Kung Pao Chicken not being good choices).

Yesterday, when talking to Mr. Green, he quipped that it was "big" of me to be trying to gain as much weight as Mrs. Blackfive.

Any other fathers out there put on weight when their wife was pregnant? I know I did when she was pregnant with our first.

Well, here's my next Bonfire submission. Although, it sucks so much that it might smother the pyre.