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I haven't been able to do too much linking to interesting posts this week (due to work and hang overs and letter writing to the Asshats at the Chicago Tribune). Here are some posts that I found interesting:

Pejmanesque expresses some disdain for the planning of a Congressional visit to Iran. I don't get it, either. Not that Arlen Specter has ever been long on great ideas, but I don't the Bush Administration is happy about this. And we may wind up with some kidnapped Congressmen. Hey! Wait a minute! Maybe that's why GW ain't protesting this one, too much. Hhhmmm...

Pejman also talks about why he likes Edwards over Kerry.

I didn't even know the debate was on so I missed Donnie's live blogging of it. I read it the day after and it was still a good (and funny) run down of the whackos and Lieberman.

Andrew Olmsted has a great post about something that I had completely forgotten about...the left-wing WAS all over Kay for being a partisan hack when he took the job to find WMD.

Heather at Angelweave has a funny post from a Commenter. On a side note, my old room-mate is a biologist and we had a business plan put together to make healthy beer. We were going to put vitamins and minerals into the beer after fermentation but before bottling. I am sure that Physics Geek may know why that wouldn't work.

Update 8pm CST:

If you haven't seen the grand finale Dean-O, yet, you're in for a good laugh. Drink Alert et. al. Allah is one funny MF.

Hugh Hewitt and Joshua Micah Marshall are going at it over John Kerry. It's pretty interesting stuff.

Speaking of John Kerry - who, by the way, served in Viet Nam - Bill Hobbs has an answer for him.

Damn, I'm glad we have Americans like these...

Cause...and effect.

My best friend has had 3 serious girlfriends, in the last 8 years, switch teams and dump him for a woman. So, when voting in BlogMadness 2003 for Greyhawk (I have linked to his Democracy, Whiskey, Sexy series in several posts - check it out) and Joe Carter, I came across an older post by Joe of the Evangelical Outpost. It's a good one.