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Why IS that???

One of the huge benefits of the "-lanches" from sites like Instapundit or Andrew Sullivan is the broader exposure to more readers for Blackfive. I get some really great email and most are hugely supportive, a lot send me information about other articles or blogs, some are negative, and a few are, for lack of a better word, stimulating in the thought provoking sense.

Today, I received an email from Dave in California. He is retired Highway Patrolman from California (31 years on the force!) who closed his email with this sentence:

Isn't it remarkable that those who have to face the bad guys are always Conservatives?
Yeah, that is remarkable. I have been trying to think of a hardcore liberal that I knew in military service or the hundreds of cops and firemen I know. With one exception, everyone is a conservative.

So, what do you think about that?