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Twas the Night Before Christmas

Reader Bobby sends me this version of 'Twas Night Before Christmas written the mother of a paratrooper:

Holiday Greeting to Those in Iraq
‘Twas the night before Christmas; lights lit on the tree.
Someone is missing, and I think it is thee.
The stockings all hung by the chimney with care;
But we were still wishing that you would be there.
We were all nestled all snug in our beds, with thoughts not of Santa, but a soldier instead.
I wonder how lonely this Christmas will be for our loved one who's stationed away overseas.
Christmas for families is not quite the same.
Because terrorists to our country came.
Brave Americans answered the call.
Against cowards and evil who were showing such gall.
You have taken the challenge and chosen to stand;
For goodness and justice and protecting our land.
We pray for your safety and peace on this day.
We are honored and blessed to be able to say;
How proud and grateful we truly are,
Of YOU brave soldier serving our country afar.
Does the sand look like snow? Do the stars twinkle bright?
Are you cold and lonely on this most blessed night?
Do you know that you're loved? Do you know that we care?
When you feel all alone, know we will always be there.
Feel all our love, get strength from our prayers.
Miles cannot separate or keep us apart.
And although you're not with us you're here in our hearts
Stay true to your values, steadfast to your faith.
Come home to us soon, God's speed in your race.
Does the Jolly old man with the sack on his back;
Remember to visit our troops in Iraq?
He will be there for you, tonight in your dreams.
Good home cooking all part of the theme.
Visions of presents and other good things;
All the fond memories this holiday brings.
Warmth to your heart and a smile to your face;
Tonight find your peace in this far away place.
Remember you are part of a new history;
Helping Iraqi people learn to be free.
For this is just a caption in time
A small mountain for you to steadily climb.
Remember what is important to you.
2004 will bring something worthwhile and new,
And it's all because of the things that you do.
May all of God's blessings be bestowed upon you!
- Proud 82nd Airborne Mom