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Christmas - Part 001

Tuesday Trip Through the 'Sphere

First, Smash (LCDR type, Citizen type, Indepundit type) talked to Hugh Hewitt about this site in reference to Kevin's Wizbang Web Log Awards. Wow! Thanks, Smash.

Jack at Random Fate has an addition to my post about Staff Sergeant James Alford. He discusses the treatment of our veterans.

BTW, the Harvard Crimson had a write up of the Hardball (Chris Matthews) interview with Wesley Clark at Harvard. Some bits from it:

...But Matthews presented allegations levelled by retired Gen. H. Norman Schwarzkopf that Clark “was fired because of character and integrity” in 2000.


He (Matthews) mused that Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y., would have a much stronger chance of capturing the White House in 2008 if President George W. Bush won reelection in 2004.

Clark retorted that Sen. Clinton was “selfless,” drawing uproarious laughter from an apparently skeptical audience...

Frank J. has more Bite Sized Wisdom for striking Canada and France for various reasons.

Harvey at Bad Money sends Dennis Kucinich a note about his thoughts on the Kucinich video...

John of Argghhh! has a post about 1,000 soldiers fighting to take a city of 5,000,000...and I am proud to say that I once wore their regimental crest. Rock of the Marne!!!

Sgt. Hook has a post about a wounded hero back in Iraq...

Feste at Fool's Blog is on a roll...ON A ROLL, I TELL YOU.

Note to self: Never dis Indianapolis when Mamamontezz can hear you.

Darren Kaplan discusses a Kuwaiti Arab Times article that has some thought behind it.