Where are the moderates now?
The Blackfive New Year's Hangover Cure

Tuesday Trip

Stephen Den Beste has a great post about the primary and general election...and he predicts that Eric will vote for Bush.

Next, go and vote at About in their Political Dot-Comedy Awards. Here are my suggestions:

Best Overall Humor & Best Satirical: The Onion

Best Parodies: French Military Victories

Most Entertaining Right-Wing News & Commentary: John Hawkins' Right Wing News (believe it or not, I have never read Newsmax or Drudge)

Ever wonder what the hell happened to the Bartender over at Madfish Willie's Cyber Bar? Harvey's got the scoop

Visit Sgt. Hook today.

The Acidman hit his Second Blogiversary on Sunday.

Dana at Note-It-Posts hit her six month blogiversary and puts up a great post about the Schizophrenia of Howard Dean.