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Thursday Thoroughfare

Well, things are begining to slow down in the world of the blogs this week. There's the holidays - shopping, carousing, family etc. And there's the flu that's keeping a lot of people down.

Blackfive won't slow down too much (even killer hang-overs won't take me out) because tomorrow is the Blackfive Six-Month Blogiversary! Isn't THAT exciting! No? I didn't really think so, either.

Anyway, since some of the bloggers are slowing down a bit, I might be throwing more news items in the blog run down each day.

Here is what is worthy of your attention today:

Spoons has a "I dont' want your stupid money" post up. I loved his post - honest and funny. BTW, the ONLY blogger that I have tipped has been Kevin at Wizbang! If you may have noticed, I don't have a tip jar. I have advertisers/sponsors on the right side bar. I make enough to host the site, domain registration, pay the typepad folks (about $200 per year...when you post pictures, it really sucks up your bandwidth), and buy a bottle or two of Johnny Walker Black.

Speaking of Kevin, he has the run down of Michael Jackson's joining the Nation of Islam...

Heather at Angelweave, John Hawkins, and the Daily Ablution (and probably others) have posted about the idiots at PETA (idiots is being kind on this one). Their "Your Mommy Kills Animals" campaign is absolutely disgusting.

Wow! Blogs for Bush is mentioned in the Daily (Weekly) Standard. Cool.

John of Argghhh! posts this picture that's better than a cup of coffee...kick starts my heart.

James Lileks, one of my favorite writers, rips up Dean (and Gore's support of the fringe candidate) pretty well in this column.

Paul at Sanity's Edge has more Surviving the Holidays Tips. This one hit home because, when I first met my wife's family, the men wouldn't talk to me because Andy Griffith was on TV (in 1996). Here's a part from it:

TV will be a problem. Cheap relatives won’t have good cable or a dish so you can forget about anything good. Get ready for plenty of The Big Valley and Andy Griffith practicing law.
Venomous Kate is getting better, but is also going to take some time off for the Holidays.

Eric the Straight White Guy has a post about Big Cities - hey, Eric, here in Chicago, I have six Starbuck's within four blocks of my condo and we would never notice a dead guy.

If you haven't seen it yet, Greyhawk at the Mudville Gazette has an interview with some soldiers that were in on the operation to nab Saddam Hussein.

JP Carter at the Evangelical Outpost has a piece on perceived racism in the Lord of the Rings...

Finally, let me just say that bloggers who write about being depressed really, REALLY, piss me off. You know who you are. Form a club, an encounter group, or something for crissakes. Just quit wasting bits and bytes.

You think that you are depressed? Join the f--king Army and spend Christmas in Iraq. THEN, you can start bitching about your problems. Grow up, children! /rant